RPA Express Project versioning using Git

Hi @ashapkina !
Our power users have raised a question regarding versioning of RPA Express projects. And we also think that this is really important aspect fo development.
I see that you have been suggesting several external resources on how to configure Git and Egit specifically, but we would really appreciate if you could guide us through the setup of Git for RPA Express in a simple step by step guide.
We are primarily talking about .rpae projects, i.e. ones that can be later configured in “visual” mode.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @aleksandrs.bogdanovs there are no specific requirements for RPA Express when configuring Git.
You can follow this instruction to set up version control in WorkFusion Studio with eGit https://wiki.eclipse.org/EGit/User_Guide

I hope it helps. And please let me know in case of any questions.

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can you please give me a bit more guidance on exactly where in studio do you configure the git