RPA Express Publish to control tower error


I am not able to publish any recording to control tower, it always gives be error code 500, tried restarting multiple times but does not fix the issue


Hi @satya_ramachandran what is the status of Control Tower in the tray menu? Please share a screenshot.


Attached the status of Control Tower in the tray menu, also i found out that if my recording scripts are big (30 steps) it does not get published but small one less than 10 gets published

@satya_ramachandran thank you for the info. Could you send the scripts you are trying to publish (but please remove any private information) and the text of the error you get while publishing?

Attached the file for your reference, The Error message that i get is also attached publish%20error

assignment1.7z (3.0 KB)

Were you able to find out the root cause of this issue and how to resolve this

@satya_ramachandran not yet. When you open Control Tower, do you see the processes that you published in the Business processes tab?

Please also send us the logs from:

  • C:\RPAExpress\Studio\logs\
  • C:\Users%user_name%%workspace_name%.metadata

Thank you

No i am not able to see any process in control tower, i am not able to publish to control tower. Have shared the error message

Can you see these processes that you were able to publish?

Are you able to log into Control Tower from tray menu?

Yes i am able to login to control tower and also see the process publish in control tower (small ones)

Thank you. Could you please send these logs to investigate:

All logs from:

  • C:\RPAExpress\Studio\logs
  • C:\Users%user_name%%workspace_name%.metadata

From C:\RPAExpress\Workfusion\tomcat\logs, catalina and crowd control logs:

Hi @satya_ramachandran do you still have this issue? If you do, please send the longs above to investigate the issue.

Studio logs.zip (2.8 KB)
.metadata.zip (893.2 KB)
logs.zip (1.5 MB)

Uploaded the files, please let me know the resolution for this issue

Thank you @satya_ramachandran I’ve sent the logs to the support team.