RPA Express Server, local RDP sessions

Hi @ashapkina
we are moving forward towards the enterprise setup of RPA Express infrastructure and currently trying to understand the best way of working with local RDP sessions (the ones used for running rpa express robots).

How can we control which robot is using which RDP session? What is the logic behind that?

When we try running the robot from RPA X control tower it never runs in the created RDP sessions, but always runs in the master session. Should it be so?

Can you suggest where can we find answers to these questions and maybe more documentation overall?

Thanks and have a good day! :slight_smile:

Hello Aleksandrs.
If you have local installation like Server+Workstation, in this case all your scripts will run on local bot by default. In this case, you need to stop local bot and run or configure additional bots to start automatically.
If you wish to run specific business process on separate bot, you can do it using Bot Sources. You can read more information here: https://kb.workfusion.com/display/RPAe/Bot+Sources

Hi @valeryia_rabchykava

Thank you for the answer. Can you please clarify regarding the bot sources?
Here is our case:
The RPA X server where we intend to run business processes has currently 4 local RDP sessions configured to be used by rpa x processes. Can you please briefly explain the configuration required to point a specific BP to this specific session?

Hi @aleksandrs.bogdanovs

There are two main options you can use for this:

  1. Bot Sources. You can define on how many RDP sessions the bot task will run in Thread Count setting. If you set 2, for example, the bot task will run in 2 RDP sessions simultaneously. But it can be different session (one time it can be Bot1 and 2, other time Bot 2 and 4, etc.).

  2. If it is critical that a particular bot task always runs in the same RDP (task 1 always runs on Bot1, and never on the others), it can be done though custom capabilities. You need to add the same capability to the bot task, hub json file, and json files of all nodes on which this bot task has to run, as described in the KB article.

Hope this helps.