RPA Express taking a long time to start the components



I installed RPA Express 1.1.8. My laptop configuration is Windows 7 Enterprise, 64 bit, 12 GB RAM.

The following are some issues while running it that I am facing:

  1. The initial startup time (the time when the Bot Manager starts) takes around 5+ minutes.
  2. To start the Control Tower successfully, I need to stop the Bot Manager and OCR (if it is running). Once the Control Tower starts (also takes a long time in the order of minutes), then the other 2 components start successfully.
  3. Stopping the individual processes, or stopping all the processes or even exiting out of RPA Express still shows the Java processes and the Mysql process running in the Task Manager, which then need to be manually ended.

Is the slow running of the components expected with my system configuration or is there any additional configuration I need to do to make them run faster?



There might be a number of reasons.
Please send more info about your laptop configuration: what processor it has, how much free RAM you have before and after you start RPA Express, whether you use HDD or SSD.


@ashapkina, the laptop configuration is as follows:

Processor: Intel Core i5-4300M CPU @ 2.60GHz
4 cores
500 GB HDD

RAM usage before starting RPA Express:

RAM usage after starting RPA Express:


You have enough RAM and processing power, so the issues might be the extensive disk usage. You can see it using the Process Explorer.


From the Process Explorer I just realized it’s a 2 core configuration, not 4 (for some reason in the Device Manager it shows 4 cores). Is that the reason for the slowness?


@mprateek - you have an HDD drive - its read/write speed can be a bottleneck while running the Control Tower app.