RPA Express V2.0.3 Object Recorder not finding SAP Fields

Hello WorkFusion Experts,

Currently using RPAExpress Lumen and am excited about the opportunities of object recording. We are seeing that most fields/buttons/etc. in SAP screens are not identified by the Window Control option. Currently using SAP GUI for Windows v7.5. Is there a setting that needs to be made to enable or to improve the precision of the recorder! SAP%20WorkFusion|680x436? Note these are fields that I can confirm are identified in both BP and AA.


Hi @ballish.t
Other RPA tools need to have SAP GUI Scripting activated in the SAP system so they can identify UI elements. Not sure if that is also the case with Lumen but maybe you can give it a try.

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Hi @timriewe,

Thanks for the suggestion. I should have mentioned that SAP GUI Scripting is activated and can confirm it is working. Same fields can be identified using Blue Prism.

Ok, sorry I overread your mention of BP in your first message.

Hi Todd,

There are no any additional settings you need to make.
SAP object recording capabilities are limited now, and we are planning to work on improving them in the following months.

For now, SAP can be automated using images and keystrokes.


Hi @timriewe and @ballish.t

We have released a new version of RPA Express with SAP GUI support in Inspector.
Please provide your feedback when you have a chance to check it out