RPA Express Variable issue

Good day

I have a for loop that loops through a list

For Each (item) in (table1)
when I want to use the item variable in a if statment the input field turns red

${item} = 1.0 in the if statement causes the $ piece to turn red and I am unable to use the variable?

Why is this in 1.20?

Hi Gerhard, it is a bug, we will fix it. Thank you for letting us know.
For now, as a workaround, please use the item (row, column) variable without the curly brackets: $item. This should work in this case.

Please let me know if it doesn’t work.

hi, workaround is working thanks

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Hi the default “item” variable from For Each looks has disappeared in the new version. How can For Each be used now?

Gregory, please see the workaround above.

@gerhardus_meyer @gregory_turuDt
We have released a hot fix of RPA Express 1.2.0. This issue has been fixed.

Due to necessary changes in Control Tower, the variable “item” can no longer be used in the Recorder. Starting from this version, it is replaced by variable “element”. You will have to change the variable name in the old recording.
Sorry for troubles.