RPA Express version 1.1.3 is rolled out

New in this version:

  • Click by XPath in Open Website
  • OCR module improvement
    and more…

Read more at https://kb.workfusion.com/display/RPAe/Sunbird+1.1.3

Use your permanent download link to download the new version, or re-register with the information you provided during the initial registration to get the link.

If you are new to RPA Express and want to get the download link, go to http://www.workfusion.com/rpaexpress and get registered.
You will get a message with the link to download. This will be your permanent download link, so keep the message to download updated RPA Express in future.

Please feel free to leave your comments here.


Glad to hear that . thanks WF team . also try to provide Select command with Xpath .

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Can I have the download link please? I am currently using v1.1.1.

You can use the download link from the message you have received for 1.1.1. It’s your permanent download link for the latest version. If it does not work, please get re-registered as described below. If you have any problems with downloading 1.1.3, let us know to assist you…