RPA Express with new OCR license is available!


Hi Everyone,

RPA Express 2.1.3 with new OCR license has been released!

The license is valid till February 7, 2019, and includes 1,000 OCR pages.

The previous OCR license is valid till November 7 (RPA Express 2.0.6, 2.1.0, 2.1.1, and 2.1.2).

Apart from the new OCR license, the new release also includes:

Please leave your questions and comments about the new release in this thread.

RPA Express team

OCR has suddenly started to throw an error in WF Express Version 2.1-beta

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Thanks for your post. To be honest I was surprised seeing my bot using OCR doesn’t work today. In case of a new license is it always necessary to uninstall the previous RPA Express software and install the new one?


Hi @pmisiak no, no need to uninstall the current version.
You just need to download the new installer, run it and select Update.


OK. Thank you.

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Question around the statement - " The license is valid till February 7, 2019, and includes 1,000 OCR pages.", when you say includes 1,000 OCR pages, exactly what does that mean? Is it a transnational limit, meaning the OCR can only read 1,000 times? Or does it mean that you can create 1,000 OCR Tasks within one or more Automations…? Overall, I never quite understood the OCR Licensing.


Hi Scott,

1,000 pages is a transnational limit - you can have 1,000 OCR actions executed within a license in total (including using ocr plugin), regardless of the number of recordings and business processes you have.

Sorry for confusion.
We will add a more detailed explanation of OCR licensing to the Knowledge base.

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