RPA express Workspace Apache error (HTTP 404)

Hi Team,

I have newly installed RPA express on my machine. I’m able to use all the components except for Workspace.
While trying to launch workspace from system tray the apache tomcat error is displayed (HTTP 404)
Please find the attached screenshot.


Please can you check the operational status of workspace in Platform Monitor and let me know if any specific error is thrown.

For your reference screenshot is below.

To be specific you can click and check the Incidents tab

If there is no error, then try to restart the Apache/Tomcat and restart the Rpa Express and try to launch it.

Please let me know if any problem exists. :slight_smile:

@aravindhan_mr Thanks a lot for your response. Please find below the screenshot of the incidents:

There are two errors for workspace and control tower.
Kindly help.


Could you please try restarting the Workspace by going to the Command Board Tab in Platform Monitor?

Try this and let me know

The Workspace will be at the last one. :slight_smile:

@aravindhan_mr I have tried turning it off and on. Now the workspace itself is not starting in system tray :frowning:

@aravindhan_mr after repeated attempts workspace started by showing “License Expired” however i’m still facing the apache Tomcat error
Also please find below the error

Uninstalled and reinstalled but still facing the below error:



Please check with workfusion team as the error may be due to license expiration of trial period.
Since the reponse is 404 Not Found.

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License should not be a problem as it has been mentioned in other posts by workfusion team.
@ashapkina @azinchuk please help

Hi @veluru_n please advise what version of RPA Express are you using now and if you used any previous versions before.

Right, it shouldn’t be caused by the license. You should have access to Workspace even if the license has expired. i guess this is the latest version

@veluru_n was it the first version you installed or did you update from some other, earlier version?

First version on this laptop. I used previous version on a different laptop.

@veluru_n we haven’t had this issue with later versions of RPA Express, so I’ll forward your issue to our support team. They’ll contact you directly.