RPA Express workspace saying license expired - cannot do assignment

Hi there,
I just reinstalled RPA Express the Lumen version And during the install it asked if I wanted 9 Bots and I configured it to be 5. It appears that my Workspace is not working. How do I go back and limit the number of Bots to 1.


Hi Mog,

You can reinstall RPA Express and choose 1 bot during the installation, or you can continue using this version - you still have access to Control Tower and Workspace with no limitations and you can do assignments; you just don’t have access to the Pro features.

Hi, could you please clarify how to extend my RPA Express license, it is required to continue Training process.
Thank you.

Hi @iostroumova, you can still do assignments using the free version of RPA Express. The license only relates to Pro features.