RPA Express YouTube channel

Hi everyone,

We have decided to start a YouTube channel to post small educational videos on RPA Express :video_camera: :robot:

Please feel free to leave suggestions for topics you want us to cover in the comments on YouTube or here on the forum.

We’ll take them into account when planning new videos.

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RPA Express Team

no need though but small vids are fine also, your automation academy is the best in form right now :stuck_out_tongue:


Parallel Execution using RPA Recorder.

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More explanation on Excel work (RPA Recorder Actions Library Excel Component): apply filter and calculation on columns, hiding and insert rows and columns dynamically, wrap text in cells etc.

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Thank you @pamujula.sureshATgmail.com

Parallel execution from recorder is not supported.
You can execute processes in parallel in Control Tower if you have more than 1 bot. We’ll work on videos for it.

@pamujula.sureshATgmail.com thanks for the suggestion.
Not all of these actions can be executed using built-in Excel actions. For some of then you need to open excel file and use actions with UI controls and keystrokes.

We’ll think of a video on different approaches to Excel automation.

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Thanks Asha for your reply

Machine Learning & Data Science: if you provide more videos on Machine Learning & Data Science, it is very helpful us to understand and implement to the real time scenarios.

Ensure include how to LogToFile (Appending, Overwriting)
Include topics such as Basic Web data extraction, calling APIs, embedding Groovy code in RPA express to extend the functionality


Thanks a lot for the suggestions @mogobahor

Can you please explain example using Script.

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Hi @kruti.joshi, do you refer to the Custom action Script?
Thank you for the suggestion. I’ll add it to the plan.

What details would you recommend us to focus on in the video?

Thanks for replying.:slightly_smiling_face:
Yes I am talking about the same.
It would be great if you explain any small example which will be using Custom Action Script in it.

And please also explain where we can use this.


@ashapkina WF team, we are waiting for a full live working project… Thanks :slight_smile: