RPA in guided mode

Hi All,
I would like to know if Workfusion RPAExpress can be used to achieve the below mentioned usecase:

Usecase : To create guided application tour to new users of a web application

Usecase Description : Say an organization had developed a new web application for Document management. Users of this new web application are finding it challenging to get used to the application. To overcome this challenge, one of the best approach is to prepare a step by step guided tour of the application (tooltip/callout/ which comes on top of the application UI) for all functionalities. Such step by step application tour should be prepared effortlessly using a record and play approach. After preparing such step by step application tours, it will automatically guide the users to complete the task in the new web application.

Question : As a RPA tool can record the user action and play it, my question is if Workfusion RPA can be used to achieve the usecase described above.

Hi Rajesh,
It depends a lot on the UI of the application you use, but it looks like it might be done as long as you design the correct process that will have bot and manual steps in Control Tower and have proper delays between actions.
However, if there are any actions with Excel they will be executed in the background and the user will not see them.
The users will also need to have RPA Express installed on the PCs.

We have just launched Operation RPA Express, so you can send your use case to our experts, they will review them and possibly help implement it. You can read more details here: Automate your use case with RPA Express experts!

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