RPA not responding properly to Browser


Hi Team,

My scenario is to do mass termination in Successfactor’s Employee Central ( SFEC) , a Cloud HRMS Portal. My process has to read employee one by one from excel sheet and do a mass termination process for that particular employee in SFEC. My process is working fine for the very first employee in the excel sheet. For second employee in the excel sheet, it is neither opening the URL of SFEC system nor identifying the appropriate web element through Xpath value.Issue.zip (8.5 KB)


Please post the recording with the images you have to click on.


I have attached a process along with sample input file. I have also shared the link of the recorded video which shows exact issue. Please check and revert back ASAP.

https:/TerminationScenario.zip (11.0 KB)



Could you share your recording with the images you used? Just zip the whole recording folder and post here. Thank you.


@lm_deloitte_vR The IDs of the elements for different users are different, that’s why the xpaths don’t work. The elements don’t seem to have any unique attributes that you could use for a relative xpath. In this case you could use keystrokes to fill in the boxes.