RPA Player is unavailable while connecting to RDP

Hi, While running a project, I have instructed the bot to connect a remote desktop and do some task there, but every time the bot connect to a remote desktop the RPA Player that used to be available during the whole process goes away. But with other remote desktops or in other codes the RPA Player is available the whole time.

Hi @sonali_parida.
Could you please clarify what do you mean under “RPA Player”? Did you see any exceptions or error messages? Screenshots will be very helpful.
Thank you!

Hi @Lera , I mean to say the RPA Player(that we use to stop, pause the Recorder) goes away while the bot connects to a RDP.

So , In this uploaded image you can see , in the 2nd image RPA Player is there while the bot is starting to run, but in the 1st image while the RDP is maximized, the RPA Player is not there.

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Thank you for clarification. To be honest, I don’t see any issue there, because you’ve just maximized RDP window and player exists only for user who started it. RDP window provides remote access to the another computer where you didn’t start RPA bot, but bot works with necessary application itself.
Your active window is RDP window maximized on the whole screen and player is behind it. You can try to move it manually to the main screen, if you wish.

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Yes that player is behind the RDP, but while i am choosing to use a screenshot reader it is not able to launch the application,(i am using launch application and launching the abby screenshot reader,that is installed in the user desktop for scrapping a value from the screen of RDP), i have to launch the application from the user desktop and scrap the value in the RDP, Even if i minimize the RDP and then launch the abby screenshot reader, there is no possibilities to maximize the RDP after you have clicked on the screenshot reader.
So is there any scripts or recordings available to do such things?

Hello @sonali_parida.
I’m not sure that the issue is with RPA Player. Do you have the same when you launch another application, not only Abbyy screenshot reader?

No I don’t have the same issue while launching any other application.
What i am trying to tell is, this problem is happening with one code only, with another new code while i am launching the Abby Screenshot Reader it doesn’t show any issue with the Abby screenshot Reader.