RPA Recorder Maximum number of steps

What is the maximum number of steps that can be recorder in RPA recorder ? I have a recording with 1200+ steps and I am feeling the recording is going haywire at times or not giving the right output.


Interesting. I too faced problem when the number of steps is more (i had 1000+ steps). In my case, the Bot execution hung arbitrarily after executing some of those steps.

@ashapkina, @azinchuk: Your comments would be appreciated.

@hassanjamshaid @JThangaswamy

There is no limit to the number of steps that a recording can have. However, there are known issues with large recordings with many loops, which you read about in this thread: Express 1.1.8 also freezes
We are working on improvements to introduce in the future releases that will reduce and, hopefully, ultimately solve these issues.

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