RPA Recorder Mouse Coordinates

  1. Why cant I record using mouse coordinates instead of the default surface based?

  2. After I recorded, I went to change the option from surface to coordinate and the coordinate is not where I clicked earlier.

Any advise?


thanks for reporting this issue. We are going to fix it in the next release.

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When I set mouse coordinates for ex for double-click then RPA Express takse one value and use it for both axis. For ex I want to click on 600 x 1000 and RPA clicks on 600 x 600.

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Hi @azinchuk, is issue this fixed? thanks

@jhleeEaYlfrscY, not yet. We’ll inform you when the fix is out, thanks!

Good day

When I click on a image using the recorded and change the click option to co-ordinates, for some reason, the mouse click does not happen at the co-ordinates?

Any idea why this would happen?

I am not changing the screen resolution etc


I also have this problem even when I use the mouse click action from the action library.

When I try to export the code I note that no mater what value I use for the Y coordinate it is alway the same as X coordinate.

Any idea how to fix it?

@gerhardus_meyer @juans_mock
This is a bug in the Mouse click on coordinates action.
It will be fixed for one of the next releases.

I’m moving around a web page to open dynamic title elements by location only. When I move mouse to the correct location (using move mouse to position 200x 500y for example) I can see that the mouse moves to the correct location.

When I ask for a right click at the same location (right click at click location 200x 500y) the mouse moves somewhere else and right clicks there. Are the two location specifiers not the same or is this a bug? The mouse moves vertically on the screen when I only change the X coordinate.

Is there something I am not doing?

did you try version 1.20 of rpax? This is a know issue in 1.1.9

Yes I’m on the latest version. Didn’t spot that it was a known issue on previous versions.

It’s still there!

Hi Owen,
Yes, we are aware of this issue, but it hasn’t been yet fixed in version 1.2.0.

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Hi Ashapkina,

This issue is still open on 1.3.

Here is my version details:

timestamp=Mon 03/12/2018 15:08:43.41

@Bonnero @saqibsidiqe @juans_mock @betaversions the issue is fixed in version 2.0.