RPA Recorder no Welcome page under Help

When I open the RPA Recorder, under Help menu I do not see the Welcome option

The first time when I opened the recorder also I did not see the Welcome page open.

Hi @mprateek,

Thanks for pointing it out. We’ll correct it.
In the meantime, you can find sample recordings in the attached folder RpaeExamples.zip (668.0 KB)
and watch RPA Express training videos here: https://kb.workfusion.com/display/RPAe/Training+Videos

Hi @ashapkina,

I downloaded the examples. I am trying to open them and run them in the recorder but am unable to do so. First I created a new Project in the recorder using one of the example folders:

But in the Media Files section of the recorder I still don’t see that project appear:

How do I run these example projects?

@mprateek, move the RpaeExamples folder into your rpae_project folder in the workspace and refresh the media files. The examples shoud appear on the list.
Do not create any additional projects. By default, only the contents of the rpae_project folder is shown in the media files.

Hi @mprateek

We have released new RPA Express 1.1.9 : RPA Express 1.1.9 is rolled out
You can find the Welcome page in the Help menu item.