RPA Recorder runtime error: bot manager is not starting

Unable to run examples recording.
Bot Manager is not starting.
Attaching RPA logs and control tower screenshot.
rpa-node0-2018-08-27.0.log (196.0 KB)


@cgangwar1 could you provide more details: what version of RPA Express you use, how many bots you selected during installation, your PC specs?

Thank you.

I am using latest version 2.0.6.
During installation i entered one bot only.
My PC specs are:

  • Core i5 Gen 7
  • Nvidia Geforce 940mx
  • 8gb ddr4 ram

I think there could be driver issues as i did fresh installation of windows last week.
Where can i find required drivers list so that i could verify if drivers are installed properly.

8GB should be enough for 1 bot.
Have you tried starting it from the tray menu?


Yes, it is stuck on starting.
Can u please tell me about the drivers needed ?

No additional drivers are required.

Please zip and send us these logs to investigate:

Thank you

Hi @cgangwar1 could you please send the logs above to investigate?

No need the issue is resolved now.
You can close this topic.


Thank you for the update. Have you found what caused it?