RPA Recorder wouldn't start

Hi, everybody.
I’m facing the following issue.
When I want to start a new recording it offers to give it a name, as usual, but at the same time it says “error message”, and when you press “OK” nothing happens.
As well in the Recorder Variables, it says at once that “variables are not accessible”.

Hi Victoria,

Perhaps, the rpae project has closed for some reason.

Try doing this:

  • Go to “Media Files” tab
  • Right-click on folder “rpae_project”
  • Click “Open Project” in the context menu.

If the project is not closed and you don’t have this option in the context menu, change your default WF Studio workspace to another folder or re-create it.

I hope it helps!

Alesia, thank you very much for your reply.
Here’s what it says when I try to open the project the way you described.

Try creating a new workspace and copying your existing recordings there.

Thank you.