RPA recording and Microsoft Word

Hi Guys,

I’m new at this, but I thought I would ask for help.
I was asked to look into Workfusion RPA to solve a problem. The problem was to save copious amounts of time altering word documents (1000+)

The before state is a Pharmaceutical Template that has some data in it.

The after state is the Pharmaceutical Template appended with extra data, removal of some data and adding a generic header.

I tried (3 times) recording the cycle of processing a singular document. Which was about 10 minutes of activity and the RPA recorder captured no actions!

My question is two fold.
Does workfusion have the capacity to do these tasks with MS word?
Is there any best practice as to how to go about mapping out this process and looping so it completes the task for an entire folders worth of documents?

Thanks in advance for all the feedback


Hi @oshua_wilson_a
It sounds like a feasible task but it depends very much on the type of modifications you need to do in the word documents, where to insert the data and where the data that you insert comes from. The looping part is easy.
Can you show an example of what you do in one document and share it?

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@oshua_wilson_a agree with Tim, it does seem doable.

Besides, we are adding object recording in the next version that we are planning to release next week, so it will be more efficient to record Word and other desktop applications.