RPA Version Update

The version of RPA Express workfusion 1.4.0-beta is not working currently, not able to scrap the text from OCR activity.
It is mainly because of its new version 2.0 updated on it.
But now, if we are maintaining the RPA Express 1.4.0 as production environment, so there are some delays occurring.
Does this happen on every update of newer version?

Thanks & Regards,
Malathy R

Hi @malathy.r, when did you install version 1.4.0 that you are using? If it was more than 2 months ago, your license must have expired, or it is possible that you have used up all 1,000 OCR pages that come with RPA Express. It is not related to the new version, but to the OCR license that the current version uses. In this cases there will be some delay before the new OCR license starts working.