RPA VS SPA Installation And Difference

Hello Team,

  1. Can you please suggest what is SPA?

  2. if that is a separate installation pleas suggest from where we can download?

  3. If SPA is not available to download free then what are the terms and conditions for that?

  4. SPA term is very confusing. I have read all the previous topics related to RPA & SPA that is not clear.

Swapnil Pandey


SPA is WorkFusion Smart Process Automation - our flagship product which is commercial (cannot be downloaded) and consists of the following main modules:

  • BPM
  • RPA
  • OCR
  • ML/AI (Cognitive)
  • BI Analytics
  • Monitoring
  • Security Vault
  • SQC (Six Sigma)
  • File Storage
  • Repository

and others…

see more at http://www.workfusion.com/smart-process-automation-spa

for additional questions regarding SPA demo and pricing please contact rpaexpress@workfusion.com

Hi Team

What is the difference between RPAe and SPA?

I need to start some projects in RPA, so that I have better understanding of both software,


Hi Ajay,

RPA Express is our free tool for web and desktop applications automation. It is delivered with one bot and entry-level OCR capabilities.

SPA is a commercial product, which, apart from RPA (multiple bots) and OCR, has a lot of other modules, including machine learning (see post above).
You can read more here: https://kb.workfusion.com/display/RPAe/FAQ#FAQ-Comparison:RPAExpressandWorkFusionSPA


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Thanks Alesia

I am waiting for your response in another open post.

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Does it also supports ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition)?