RPA Web Element - Getting Value from iFrame



Hi Everyone,

I have gone through related forum topics, and am trying out the following tutorials on KB: https://kb.workfusion.com/display/RPAe/Web

I have been largely successful to set the variables:

However, for class “col s2”, there are multiple elements, and it only ouputs the first element:

Is there a way to specify the position of the element I want to save?

Thanks in Advance


@jack_leongmZRX Jack, you could use the absolute xpath and use a special counter variable to define which element’s value you need to fetch. Although, it will work with relative xpath, too, I think, depending on which values you need to get.

Here is a sample recording that uses such approach. Hope it helps.
xpath_with_counter.zip (1.1 KB)


@ashapkina Thanks much for the prompt response! I’m trying it out now.

By the way, in my RPAExpress/Applications folder, I don’t have the Firefox Portable/ Chrome Portable applications, which might have the function to obtain XPath. Can I download this on the Workfusion page?


We don’t use portable browsers any more. Instead, we work with standard Chrome and Firefox browsers - if you use 1.4.0, you need to have the latest versions of the browsers.
They both have options to copy element xpath. You can see how to do it in this post.