RPAe Installation Error


Dear team,

when I tried to install the RPA Express as administrator, I met this “Update admin user error: Update admin user in PostgreSQL database was failed.”
How can I solve it?
Thank you!


RPAe Installation: Update admin user error

Hi Jodie, please try rebooting the PC and then installing RPA Express.


Hola amigos, estoy instalando WorkFusion RPA Express y al finalizar e intentar ejecutar el programa me aparece este error. Adjunto imagen. Ayúdenme por favor! Muchas gracias.


Hi Alesia,

Your method worked. Installed successfully now. Thank you.



Hi @asterizko, please also try rebooting your computer and then launching the installer.
Let me know if this doesn’t work.


Hello @ashapkina, I did it but it did not work :confused:, follow the same message. Look, here in another post is in more detail my configuration:


Here, pleeese!


@asterizko I have forwarded your request to the support team. They’ll write to you in this thread Unable to install RPA Express, “Workfusion RPA Express has stopped working”