Run bot in control tower environment or in vm created during the installation

It seem that when i execute a bot in the control tower, the bot runs in the virtual machine created during installation instead of the envirionment where the control tower is installated.
Is there any way to configure in which environment do i want the bot to execute, i need it to execute in the system where the control room is intalled.

Hello @egerolamieekoR.
Could you please advise how much additional bots you have and RPA Express version (you can find it in Control Panel - Programs and Features)?
Thank you.

Hi Lera,

i´m working with 2.3.1.
I´m working with two servers, and in both of them i have installed the same workfusion version with the same number of bots (1), but each control tower have a diferent behavior when it comes to task executions.
In one of the server the taks execute in the same server, but in the other the task is executed in the bot th


In one of the server the task execute in the same server, but in the other server the task is executed in the virtual machine that is created during the installation.

I ´couldn´t find how to configure where i want the bot to execute.

Thanks for clarification. Could you please provide more details?

  1. Do these servers have the same configuration? Which Windows system is installed on them?
  2. Please send screenshots of this window from both servers - Window > Preferences > WorkFusion Studio > Server Profiles. It should like below on my screenshot. I’m specifically interested in fields “Bot Relay” and “Server bot”:

Hi @egerolamieekoR.
Is this still actual? If yes, could you please provide that I requested in my previous post.
Thank you.