Run button do not shows up in the Business process Run tab - Sample invoice processing example


Please help out as Run the process button ins not getting displayed RPA_Run_Not_Working


Hi Achint, have you already run this process before?


No. Just imported the process package and the data file as suggested in the power user training program . After that , once i reach the Run tab, it doesnt shows up… The process shows a green tick, which I guess means its getting validated


Could you please send a screenshot of View All Business Processes tab.




It looks like the recording has been started and completed.
Press Actions - Copy and copy the business process as shown below.

A new business process will be created, and you should be able to run it.

Please let me know if it doesn’t work.



Showing succesful but still all the individual tasks are at 0%. Not sure if the input data is not correct , however downloaded from the WF Power User session.


It is not a standard RPA Express example. Apparently, the OCR step will not work because RPA Express uses a local OCR service.


Ok thanks …