Run RPA Express without administrator right access


Dear community,

I am testing RPA Express in order to know if it could meet my company requirements. I do not have an administrator Windows profile so I asked an admin to install it.
Installation had completed without issue.

It is only when I launch the application (with my non-admin profile) when I have some issues and the launch freezes at the splash screen.
Could you please tell if RPA Express needs admin right access to be launched ?

Thank you.


Hi, @Thanh-Tu_Dang, no it does not.

Can you tell us system properties of machine you are using?



thanks for assisting me.
The issue was that the admin installed the application in the “Program Files” folder on which I do not have “update” rights. Just in order to confirm this hypothesis, I have copied the RPAExpress folder into a folder I have full access and I succeeded to launch the program and even record a process.
Now I have some other issues (ex: “unable to connect to robot” whereas the robot is launched) but now I have first to do a clean uninstall and install.