Run RPA with SAP Objects!


I don’t know If there’s a topic already open for this , I’m sorry if so.

Does anybody know why RPA express isn’t recognizing any of SAP objects when Im recording ?

Is there a feature Im missing ? or perhaps a Setting

Thank you

Hi @IMadrigal_T,

Currently the RPA Recorder is not using object recording (parsing app window structure).

The RPA Recorder uses surface-based (image-based) automation approach where the bot captures images of active elements while recording and tries to find the same images and click (hover, drag, scroll) on them while script execution.

Additionally, some system actions can be added when editing a workflow: opening applications, switching to a specific window, manipulating Excel files, working with Clipboard, etc.

More info here -

Now our dev team is actively working on enabling the object recording feature, thanks for your feedback.


Thank you for your reply @azinchuk ,and please let me know once you guys have something on object recording feature, since this is one of the main reasons I downloaded this program in the first place!


sure, we will notify you. You can also track our release notes where we put all available features, planned features, and known issues:

Hi, yes I think a lot of users will want to know about this. Please keep us informed.



We’ve added a voting feature for this topic - just click the Vote button near the Topic heading.

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Hi there, i’m having a problem with a SAP table. I must select only the row matching data in an Excel File, but with RPA i’m not able to manage the table. How can i do?

SAP GUI support has been added to RPA Express