Running a Business Process within a business process like a bot

We are trying to sequentially run some business process and they can only occur one after another.

For example.

Main Business Process (a business process in control tower)
Business Process1 ( a business process in control tower)
Business Process2 (a business process in control tower)

attached is a picture of the scenario. We can add process but I cannot seem to add the business processes.

I have tried creating a package also and i still cannot link them in here.

Can someone assist?

@alvinlinDYhOGZ The functionality to add business processes inside other business processes is not available in RPA Express, only in SPA.
You can build the process by adding the bot tasks that these BPs consist of. Thus they’ll be executed sequentially.

Will this functionality be made available to RPA Express?

I have a handful of bot tasks in my other Business Process. Is there an easy way to import?

We don’t have current plans to add it to RPA Express.