Running Business Process Issue

Hi - I created two tasks in WorkFusion studio and published to the control tower

  1. Logging into a web page - logs into a web page
  2. Navigating to a page - navigates to a different tab on the web page

When i connect these in Control Tower with two rows of input data, The first task is executing and closing down the web page therefore resulting in an error for the second task (my assumption). But when i look in the results, i get 2/2 for the first task but 0/2 for the second task. If both the flows are connected, shouldn’t i get an error right after the first task is done(web page closes) and when the second task cannot find the web page. Can someone explain this as i am very new to WorkFusion!

Also, why is the webpage closing after logging in successfully? How to avoid this issue?

Thanks in advance!

pls share ur bp details

Hi mvemula,

Good that you started with workfusion.

While you navigate to page ( if it is a tab) , use selenium code to handle this issue

Webpage closes after logging in might be because of following reasons:
1: exception might have occured after logging in
2: in robotics flow plugin, you might have use close-on-completion = true.
If you make it false, It won’t be closed

Even if it closes, you have to use wait if u want to observe something after logging in