Running RPA Express from Multiple users on same machine


I have created two user IDs in my windows server machine (both are administrator users).

however when both users are connected to server, only one of them (first to run the RPA express) would have access to RPA express and can work with it, and the other one doesn’t even see RPA express icon in the notification tray.

How can we solve this so both users could run RPA express (like any other softwares) and use it?

@saman_nazari Do I understand correctly: both users can see RPA Express icon on the desktop and run it, but when one of them starts it, the other one doesn’t have access to it?
If you make a recording under one user, then exit RPA Express and run it under the other user, can the other user run the recording?

@ashapkina Yes, both users can see RPA Express icon on the desktop, but only the first user to run it will see the workfusuin icon in notification tray and hence have access to control tower and the rest of items.

I haven’t tested the recordings of other user, but I assume that might be possible. For now, the issue is I need both users to be able to access RPA express (separately), so they could both do recording, and continue the automationacademy courses.

@saman_nazari In this case users will not be able to use RPA express simultaneously. They can both use it, at different times, and they will have access each to their own recordings.
You can install RPA Express on two separate local machines - we don’t limit the number of installs for it.

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ok thanks for the confirmation. We will assign a separate machine for the other user then.

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