Running RPA on a system locked mode

I want to run a process on System which is in a locked mode. I can install RPA express on that system and schedule the execution of the particular process as required. Does RPA express work on the system which has RPA and other required software installed for running a particular process but is in a Locked state?


Currently RPA Express cannot run on a locked system. Please vote for this feature to raise its priority


RPA Express have to be run with system lock mode. and Remote Desktop Based. Other wise we have to use super user concept which is in AI.


Thank you very much @azinchuk. Guys this feature if implemented would be of great help. Please vote for it.


it would be fantastic if this feature is available

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I’m wondering if Control Tower is able to run when the user is not actively using the computer, e.g. when the PC is locked or even when the user is logged out.

My office computers restart every night and locks user screens after a period of inactivity, so was wondering if this affects the scheduled tasks.

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please see the posts above

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thank you!

Hi Lasitha,
Can you let me know how to run the rpa express in system lock mode or super user concept to make it work when we lock the windows system.


Hi Mahesh

I have no idea about it. Still WF doesn’t have a super user concept. It means if any case PC gets sleep or lock we can configure a port to auto unlock the system.
This is the limitation of the RPA .

Is this feature supported in the latest release or it is still in WIP,

Is there a feature in SPA? We have same situation on VDI/Desktop that is being locked after certain hours. We are using SPA and need to unlock the screen to start the automation process. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

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There is no solution for that, as a workaround, I use an executable file to prevent PC sleep.

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It would be better to create a new AD group that doesn’t allow sleep and add the bot users to that.

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I’m running RPA on a virtual machine and I have the same problem. How do I vote to prioritize this feature?

Just voting on this topic?


Any tips for running a schedule when the windows screen is locked?

Every appointment I make is not working.

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I am also facing same issue, RPA works fine on my machine. It also works on VM but the time i minimize the VM or close the VM it does not run on background which ideally should run.
Is there a way out. Will this work if publish this in control tower?


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Hi all,

i tried to run a robot at the control tower on a server. I´ve scheduled the bot to do a specific task every 10 minutes. I access the server with a remote desktop connection.
After this i minimized the server window and do some other tasks on my laptop. After a specific time I looked after it and the robot did nothing. It produced in every launched process an error. I pasted the ecxel document with the specific error codes in this topic.
Now is my question, why can´t I leave the robot alone doing his task.
I tested the bot succefully bevor i published it to the control tower.

events_root_ab867461-c92d-4be8-aeb2-e8475fc54276_2017-11-14 12-24-56.xlsx (7.5 KB)

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@yves_deja - please see previous answers

@azinchuk - thanks for the answer.
Is this particular feature in your SPA product?
And how can I vote for this feature in future releases of RPA Express?