Running RPA on a system locked mode

Fully agree! Recently I’ve read an article which says that Workfusion Forum became an ecosystem, where people encourage others to take actions. This topic is an example where such behavior is needed. Please vote! We need it!

This feature is essential for RPA Express. It should be prioritized. Is it available in SPA?

Is that feature already being developed for a new release?

This feature is a must and should be there.

Hello @azinchuk, Can you please share with the community any forecast as to when this feature may be included in the RPA Express? I can imagine that this is a big step forward and it may be hard to implement, but is there a real chance it will be included in the build any time soon?

All the best and thank you for your good work guys!


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Now we are working on a feature which allows to unlock a locked PC and run a robotic script there.

If you want to manipulate a system without unlocking it, the action set will be very limited - some console commands and service calls.


execution gets failed when the system gets locked

We are currently working on the feature that will allow unlocking the system and running the recording, Please refer to the post by @azinchuk above.

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@azinchuk, how are you doing? Will this feature be available on the next release? If not, do you have an estimated delivery date for it? When do Work Fusion intend release the 1.2.1 version?

Hi @ashapkina, @azinchuk,

Any update on this feature? Could you please provide ETA. This feature is required in RPA Ecosystem.


@narendra_purTG @Eduardo_Pozzi_KPMG3
We are working on this feature, but it will not be introduced in the nearest future.
Tentatively, it can appear in Q3 2018, or later.

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@ashapkina, will RPA Express 2.0 support this feature?

The first version of 2.0 that will be released in May will not have this feature yet.
We’ll introduce it later.

Has anyone come across a situation when I locked my machine/server and the workflow doesn’t work?

Is there any method in RPA Express which allows to execute a workflow with the server locked/logged off?

Really appreciate your prompt response.!!


Vikas, you cannot run a script on a locked system. We are developing a feature that would unlock the system and run the script. You can read more details in the thread above.

What do you mean with UNLOCK?
I do would like something that could run when I am at lunch lets say.
I could run a program or something and unlock it when I get back, but the computer can not be unlocked so anyone can use it!

Any news on that functionality?

@ashapkina, anynews on that feature?

@Eduardo_Pozzi_KPMG3 implementation of this feature has been put off due to other feature of higher priority. We don’t currently have a timeframe for its delivery.

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