Running the same process on every file in a folder



I have a folder of about 600 PDF files in a standardized format. I want to have Express copy and paste information from each PDF into a Database. The info is in the same place on every PDF and goes to the same places in the database. I’m trying to run a “For Each” rule but it doesn’t seem to work that way. Is there something else I’m meant to use?


OCR loop through pdf files


There are 2 approaches to handle this case:

  1. create a List variable containing paths to your PDF files and use the For Each loop to iterate through all files and do OCR, Copy/Paste, etc.

  2. OR create a recording just for one file (where path is stored in a variable, e.g. file_path), then publish this bot task to Control Tower and provide a CSV input file containing all file paths in the file_path column. In that case, Control Tower will repeat this step for all records in your CSV file.