S3 File storage will not open

S3 File Storage will not open from the menu. I see the Firefox logo appear, but nothing happens.

For web elements I have to use the Chrome portable because Firefox won’t open, so the fix might be to switch to Chrome portable. How?

You can open the Chrome Portable from this directory:{RPA_Express_Installation_Folder}\Applications\ChromiumPortable\ChromiumPortable.exe

and open the following URL: http://rpa-express.local:15110/minio/login

Thanks, that worked. But in RPA xpress, S3 isn’t working, seems like it’s disabled.

I’m having the same issue. In RPA Express, all of the S3 actions seem to be disabled. Did you figure out how to enable these actions?

Currently, the s3 actions cannot be enabled. Please vote for this feature to raise it’s priority.

Hi all,
Can anybody tell me what is the purpose of s3,execution controll and open terminal actions which is shown in action library any how we can not drag and drop or we can not use while recording,can anybody know about this.
Sharad Kumar

please see the replies above