S3 with xpath links to files


Good day

Can you please assist with a method on retrieving the links on S3 with xpath?
Mouse click on the file etc to get the copy link green block using xpath is not working…


Hi @gerhardus_meyer
Which version of the program are you using?
Also it would be helpful if you provided more detail, such as more descriptions of the problem, screenshots, scrip examples etc



I am using version 1.1.5 (latest build)

The issue is when i use the mouse click on the xpath the system just breaks and nothing happens.

I want to copy the links of all the files in the S3 bucket to an excel spreadsheet and need to retrieve the link for each file manually

Is there is quicker way to get the links on the S3 system for each file?



please post your zipped recording folder here


Invoice.zip (3.0 MB)

step 184 onwards is the issue, rest upwards works fine…

another thing, xy co-ordinates with mouse clicks opens my windows calendar all the time in the new workfusion and it seems that entering text in windows explorer address bar fields also does not work


hi @gerhardus_meyer,

You can get S3 links by:

  1. clicking the ‘…’ button for each file - its XPath is //button[@class='dropdown-toggle fia-toggle btn btn-default']

  2. clicking the copy button //i[@class='fa fa-copy']

  3. and clicking the Copy link button - //button[@class='btn btn-success']