Sample business processes are blank in RPA Express 2.0

I’ve faced a problem using 2.0.0 version (and there are files in /Samples folder). When I’m trying to open any sample of business process - I got just a blank page. Works fine for recently created processes.

Hi Igor, could you please also check if you have samples in folder C:\Users\user\ControlTower\Samples.

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and example link http://localhost:15280/workfusion/secure/business-process/edit/3cba55f1-82a8-4528-9b37-4d599c1b266c is just a blank page

For some reason, they didn’t upload to Contol Tower during the installation.
You can import then manually using Import Package button as shown in the post above.

Sorry, but still no success. Only newly created process is sample processes.7z (1.8 MB)
Please see attached video

Thanks for reporting this issue, we haven’t had it before. We’ll look into how it can be solved.

Can I help with any additional data about this issue?

Oh yes. What browser did you use to open Control Tower?

Chrome Version 66.0.3359.181 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Thank you.
Try opening it in Firefox. Will the result be the same?

yep, same result, seems it is not browser-related

Thanks for the info Igor. We’ll look into it.

Yes, please, I’ve just installed Workfusion today and passing courses, it’s very important for my

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I am new to WorkFusion and going through courses. Under RPA Express: Introduction and Getting Started on Assignment 2: Run samples recordings from Control Tower i am trying to run samples through Control Tower.

I am able to see sample business porcess which i can edit and run. But when i select one from the list and click on Edit and Run next page turns out blank.

I see url as

and whole page is blank afterward.

@gagandeepm_sin @igor_telychko our engineers working on this bug. I’ll post here as soon as there is an update on this issue.

I have the same problem with an empty page. Could you please let me know what is a progress of the problem? Thank you.

@iostroumova @gagandeepm_sin @igor_telychko This issue has been fixed in the new RPA Express build. You can download it using the old link.

The last version of the RPA Express should be uninstalled, correct? What is mean the old link? It is a link from the email when I installed the first one the RPA express, right?

Yes, please uninstall the current version and install the new one, and use the link from the email that was sent to you when you registered for RPA Express.