SAP integration

Is there any integration with SAP provided in workfusion? I need to automate a task in SAP and its quite troublesome if we are using image based automation… If anyone has any better approach please let me know…

Hi @Hanish, there is currently no out-of-the-box integration with SAP. We are working on it, and are planning to implement it in Q1 2019. Now, you can automate some views using object selectors, but the main approach to SAP automation is still image-based.

Could describe your SAP use-case so we take it into account and make sure we provide automation of the forms and features in SAP you need? It would be great if you could describe it in details and share screenshots.

@ballish.t @aleksandrs.bogdanovs @JBK @Lasitha_Wijenayake @kaumudi @aferdiansyah please also share your use cases - we will use them in our tests of SAP automation.

If you don’t want to share on the forum - please feel free to send them to me in a direct message or to

@ballish.t @aleksandrs.bogdanovs @JBK @Lasitha_Wijenayake @kaumudi @aferdiansyah

We are planning to release a new version of RPA Express with SAP support within a couple of weeks. We’ll share the news here as soon as it is out.

Sounds great! Cant wait to see new capabilities :slight_smile:

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SAP integration is now available in RPA Express