SAP Payroll Table Update


I would be grateful of any help in my attempt to automate a process of updating a SAP payroll wage types in table V_512W_D and a filtered view. I am reading a excel file to obtain the wage type to update using the GOTO another entry in the table to find that wage type and then making the change to 1 text field and saving it. I need to then move to the next wage type in the excel sheet and follow the same process. I have over 500 wage types to do and if I could crack this and understand this I know of many other SAP payroll tables it could be applied. Thanks

Hi @RS001. Your approach seems to be good…I see you have a loop within a loop, is that necessary for you to navigate through the data? If the wage types each have their own row, with any additional data in the columns, I don’t think you’d need two loops.

Is there something specific you are having difficulties with?