SAP R/3 speed issue

Hi there!
I am automating SAP R/3 using inspector as shown in the new workfusion release. I just launch a transaction and filter 2 fields but it is super super slow. I did not do anything special just few steps but bot is definitely too slow.
Have you faced the same? Is there any way to speed up SAP?
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Hello @Gina.

Please advise version of RPA Express (you can find it in Control Panel - Programs and Features) and SAP Client version.
Thank you in advance.

thanks for the reply
I am using the more recent version (just installed few days ago).
and I am following what is mentioned on this video “RPA Express 2.3 release overview”.
I have also automated a very simple process with the browser and the speed in this case is ok… looks only SAP is very slow.

Hello @Gina.
Could you please provide your SAP version? Also would be great if you can share some video how bot works with SAP interface.
And please advise your Windows settings, you can provide a screenshot.

HI @Gina.

Is this still actual? If so, please provide the requested information.
Thank you

apologies for delay:
I am using sap 7.40

I did all the setting mentioned here:

I am in middle of replacing laptop so I need to reinstall all and cannot do anything right now…
I will provide feedback soon.
thanks for the reply!


Thank you, please let us know about your results.

Hi I have workfusion back… but speed looks only slightly better.
Structure of my recording is basically as follow:

start SAP
launch transaction
click mouse on field
write value (enter keystrokes)
clink on next field
write value

Moreover I have an additional question: I need to download several report and the run time can be from 2 second up to 10 minutes… Do I need to use a fix wait stage or if the any dynamic wait I can use?


Hi @Gina is the number of reports that you need to download always the same? Or can it vary from time to time?
Are the names of the reports the same each time, or at least partially the same?

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yes, the same transaction to be executed several time with different criteria and sometimes you can have results, sometimes no results, sometimes it take only few second to show results and sometimes up to 10 minutes… same number of reports to be generated, same name…

Hi @Gina.
Could you let us know whether this is still actual?