SAP R/3 speed issue


Hi there!
I am automating SAP R/3 using inspector as shown in the new workfusion release. I just launch a transaction and filter 2 fields but it is super super slow. I did not do anything special just few steps but bot is definitely too slow.
Have you faced the same? Is there any way to speed up SAP?
have a nice day


Hello @Gina.

Please advise version of RPA Express (you can find it in Control Panel - Programs and Features) and SAP Client version.
Thank you in advance.


thanks for the reply
I am using the more recent version (just installed few days ago).
and I am following what is mentioned on this video “RPA Express 2.3 release overview”.
I have also automated a very simple process with the browser and the speed in this case is ok… looks only SAP is very slow.


Hello @Gina.
Could you please provide your SAP version? Also would be great if you can share some video how bot works with SAP interface.
And please advise your Windows settings, you can provide a screenshot.