Save file on Chrome

I had trouble saving a file on chrome.
This case my bot will save the file on chrome as yyyymmdd.csv.
I don’t want to use autosaved so I add this script (
So it should show “Save file as” modal window in chrome new tab.
But my bot can’t catch this modal window.
How can I catch the window and save the file as yyyymmdd.csv?

Thank you.

Hi @masaaki what do you mean by “bot can’t catch this modal window”?
Does the window appear, but the bot cannot type in it?

Hi @ashapkina
Thank you for your reply.
The window appear but bot can’t touch window it’s save file.
Sorry I’m not good at English. :slight_smile:

Before you need to click/type on the window, switch to it using Window action.

Hi @ashapkina
Thank you for your help.
I’ll check it out.

Hi @ashapkina

Which should I choose Mode?
What Should I set Option? I show you my screen shot and I marked red square.!

If the window name is always the same, you can use the 1st mode and select the window title from the dropdown menu.