Saving file outside of Control Tower Session

@ashapkina I have this strange situation going on now. When I launch a BP from the Control Tower everything runs normal until it comes time to save a print to PDF. It will somehow launch the local Windows Explorer that outside if the Control Tower session with the multiple bots running.

I do not have the Studio Bot running either.

Here is a video for it:

I have client reports due out 12/21 Friday

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Hi Todd, which version of RPA Express do you use?

It looks like the desktops share printers, so the file is saved on the local desktop. We have changed this setting in the latest version - 2.1.5. If you use an earlier version, please update to it.

I am on V2.1.3 I believe.

When was the latest version updated And released?

What other changes were updated in

There were only minor improvement related to installation and launch

You can see how to update to a new version here

@ashapkina I have applied the update, and that fixed the issue - AWESOME!

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Glad it helped :slightly_smiling_face: