Schedule failed after Control Tower logs out automatically


I am working on an assignment where I have to run a WorkFusion script every day after my work shift. But after setting up the schedules in control tower, it works only when I am signed in the control tower. Due to inactivity, it logs out (I think after half an hour or maybe an hour) and the scheduler stops working. Any suggestions where can I set up the desired logged in time, please. @ashapkina

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Hi @bbulajic is the status of Control Tower started in the tray menu at this time?


Hi @ashapkina, yes it is. While I am actively working on my computer, Control Tower is opened but when I am AFK in the next half an hour or hour, due to inactivity on the browser it logs out and I must enter username and password again.

@bbulajic the process should start even if CT logged off automatically due to inactivity, as long as your computer is not locked and the Control Tower is running your business processes should run.

Could you provide some additional details:

  • the version of RPA Express you use
  • does the scheduled process not start at all or does it start and fail?