Schedule for the expression will be never triggered in provided time period

Hi there

Refer to the picture, can someone advise what I am missing?
The bot should complete within the time allocated, I have set it to GMT (I’m based in New Zealand).
Used the UI to configure, fyi running 1.19 at the moment

Thanks for help in advance

Jason, try setting a larger schedule period and add some extra time before the process start.

Jason, did extending the schedule period help solve the problem?

yes thanks, sorry I should have replied. I have another query will raise it in a different query as unrelated to Control Tower.

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Jason, thank you. Will have a look at the other query soon.

I have the same problem… Setting the larger period did not help since my process takes up to 5 minutes to be executed…

@bbulajic the process is scheduled to run at 1pm, but your schedule period is from 8.20 to 8.45 am. The time when the process runs has to be within the schedule period.

Try changing the schedule period to include 1pm - the schedule should be saved after that.

@ashapkina thank you for the prompt response!
I’ve just tested… Schedule period is in the interval of schedule frequency… Any other idea?

Your schedule period is 15 minutes: from 13.15 to 13.30. And the business process is programmed to start at 13.00, 14.00 and so on.
The time when you want the business process to start is not included in the schedule period.

The business process will be triggered only after the start of the schedule period and before the end. Please refer to the guide on scheduling BPs:

For example, in the schedule above, the schedule period if from August 24, 14:30, to September 24, 14:30.
So the process will first run on 15:00 on August 24. Then it will run every hour according to the schedule every Friday, and the last time it will run will be on September 24 at 14.00, because the schedule period ends at 14:30, so the process will not be triggered after this time.