Schedule of Business Process is not working


I make one process which contains…
Read the data from pdf using ocr and write the data from excel.
This is working fine when i run using RPA Recorder.
But when I Publish And Acess From Control Tower And Run the Business Processes. Some Difference Come to Write Data From Excel.
And When I Schedules Processes This is not working…
PLZ… Help


Hi Amit,

What exactly changes in the Write Data From Excel part? Please provide more details…
Please also share your recording here.

Thank you.


RPA%20Recorder using RPA Recorder Output which was Right…

Control%20tower Using Control Tower output which was wroung

But When I Schedules Processes This is not working


Amit, could you share your recording here with a sample pdf document you use OCR on (if possible).


Hi Amit,
could you please share your recording?
If it contains sensitive information, you can send it in a private message.