Scheduler behavior

We need to execute a bot we have created once per minute.
The bot execution time varies between 30 seconds and 2 minutes depending on the amount of information input but we need to execute every minute.

If we schedule the bot to run every minute,

  1. What is the behavior of the scheduler if a bot is still running? There is a queue of bots or the new instance doesn’t execute at all?
  2. If there is a queue, doesn’t this consume more resources every time a new instance is added (1 per minute)?
  3. What is the best way to schedule this bot?

These are my version details:
-Version 2.3.0 ,WorkFusion RPA Express ,Lumen
-In the installation, we selected 1 bot.

Thanks for the answer,


Hi @egerolamieekoR once the new instance of the business process is created, it will try to find a free node for the defined timeout period, and if it doesn’t find it, the process will fail. By default, the bot will retry 10 times to repair the failed process, but you can set another number of attempts in the scheduler.
More resources are consumed with every new instance and re-run, so if you have a lot of processes in the queue, it can make your running processes slower.