Scheduling BP:s / Overlapping

What happens if scheduled BP:s start time is earlier than previous BP:s process has completed?

Does second BP start after first one is completed or does it’s starting fail, it doesn’t start at all?

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Hi Mikko, the second process shouldn’t fail, it should start after the first one is completed, although some background actions can be executed simultaneously with the first process.


Hi @ashapkina,
I have the same case (using v2.0.1) and because the BP’s have more than one steps (bot tasks), RPAx starts both BPs in parallel but is executing one bot task at the time from each (one from the 1st and then one from the second).
Is there a way to prevent the start of the 2nd started BP until the 1st finishes all steps?

@adimitriou there is no option to configure it in the free version of RPA express.
You can do it though bot sources, but it is only available in the Pro version.

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Thank you @ashapkina,
but I don’t understand which option is it used for that?

It will be this option in the bot source.


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Thank you very much for the clarification @ashapkina

Perhaps you should give a more clear example there, because (at least for me) it’s not obvious that the execution the second BP will not start until the fist ends.

The example of this option on your kb is not clear. Can you provide a more clear example and also how this option allows to prevent a scheduled BP to launch when there is still one instance running?

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