Scheduling RPA Express on Control Tower

Hi all,

We have these kind of requirement:

  1. We want to scheduling a business process instance that contains several bot task (let say 5 bot task from Bot task A to Bot task E)

  2. The business process will takes 30-60 minutes (depends on the data processed)

  3. Our goal is to scheduling this instance on some period of time (let say from 8 AM – 9 PM)

  4. We want to schedule each process instance sequentially Regardless of the business process processing time

Our problem is:

Our understanding on control tower, scheduling use frequency, which is create new instance for every period of time

For example, the frequency set 45 minutes, first it will create instance no1, after 45 minutes will create instance no2 Even all bot task in instance no1 not yet finished (for example still at bot task D, instance no2 bot task A will run, so instance no1 bot task E will delayed)

Our question:

Can we schedule the business process sequentially? For example instance no1 will run bot task A to bot task E, after it finish then the control tower will create instance no2, and so on and so forth

Already research on documentation and forum. But none mentioning this kind of similar feature

Appreciate if you guys can share something regarding this,

Thank you

Hi @muhamad.f.fasas there is no way to explicitly do it in the scheduler, but I think that you can use configuration similar to what @Bonnero has suggested here

For example, when the process starts, it reads the info in the file (by default it can be written “Not started”), if it is “Not started” - it overwrites the value to “Started” and goes on with the business process. Otherwise, it finishes the process without running it. At the very end of the process it overwrites the value to “Not started”. So if another process starts when the previous process is running, it will read the value “Started” and not run. It will still create a new instance, but you will see that the bot tasks in the BP weren’t executed.

However, in this case you might need to schedule the process to start more frequently.