Scheduling RPA recorder



Is it possible to schedule the recording in RPA, i.e, to play the created recording at a specified time.

Control Tower - Changing Status from PENDING to STARTED
Rpa manual task

You can publish your recording to Control Tower and create a schedule for it. More details you can find in the post below


the schedule is not starting, please tell me if there is any mistake with this


the server time in Control Tower is set to GMT time zone. Your schedule is set to 16:05 and the server time is 11:12, so it starts in about 5 hours.

Please mind the information from the post below



I made a Bot, which I now want to make his actions in a scheduled time. Therefor I scheduled the busines process. But the status stays at pending and the bot doesn´t execute any actions which are programmed.

Yves Deja



please check the schedule settings and post here its screenshot. Note that Control Tower time zone can vary from yours


FYI: time zone in Control Tower is set to GMT.


I changed server time in control tower as a GMT +5, but in the scheduler, server time is not changed…



You have changed user timezone, but not the server time. It is not supported for RPAx - only for SPA.


I am @ clients premises so I need to schedule the process that I developed… so Give me a solution.


@azinchuk help me


@Lasitha_Wijenayake,. On your screenshot, I can see a draft schedule. Post a screenshot with an already created schedule.


@azinchuk please find the screen shot


how can i schedule this process on every day at 5AM and 7AM


you should consider the time difference between GMT (Server time) and the local time zone set on the machine. It’s 5,5 hours. It’s 23:30 and 01:30 for 5 AM and 7 AM respectively.

If your Business Process still can not start double check your input data and try to start the process manually.


Please help me how I can change the server time as my local system time?


at the moment it’s a fixed property. Please vote for this topic to promote the feature for implementation.


Is it possible to run RPA recording on trigger from some other application.


As of now server time is 18.42. My system time is 14.42. How I can Scheduling the process.?