Scraping data with For Each Loop and then putting it in Excel

Hello! I have built a process that goes to yahoo finance, searches a company name, then pulls three separate values from x-paths the pastes them in excel.

I want to do this on a larger scale instead of just searching for one company name. I have tried using a for each loop to do this. I am pulling values from column A then want values to be returned in column B, column C, and Column D. The values I want returned are from the Xpaths. What do I need to do in order to do this? Attached is an image of the process for 1 company that I am trying to do for a whole list. Gets confusing for me when picking where to have data end up.

Hi @eshea8 I cannot see the image. Can you re-attach it?

You are right to use For Each Loop for this. I think you can use the translation bot from the Examples library as an example and implement a similar workflow for inserting the values in the Excel file.

How do I tell it where to put the values in excel, Because in this example its just a certain cell, but it always needs to go in the cell below.! I have inserted how I want the output structured as well.

There is an option “Cell below” in the Set Cell Value action. You can get all the required data from the web page, save them in 3 list variables and then paste the values in 3 columns using Cell below option.
You can see how to do it in the Translation bot I linked to above.